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Number 8: Karina’s poems

Posted on: May 22, 2009

Karina’s poems


 ,,Happiness “

Happiness is one, it is real and only.
Fortunately it is necessary to be divided, like with love.
Everyone should also feel this happiness.
Everyone in a way, world should be happy.
This way it would happen not perhaps us to be missing, of people, because it is we are a happiness of world.
So let us be pleased, as long as we can.
We live and we are here.
Without us world would be sad.


,,Magic of sound “

Music, the exceptional beauty has.
Miraculous power which is prompting me….
Creating the music is taking time.
She requires it much in order to show the beauty.
Beauty of the music…
Sounds are being uttered by instruments,
of vocalists, a radio equipment is pushing.
That’s all is showing the beauty of the music.
Listening to this music on the radio,
melody mill into world and is embracing us magics of sound.


New friends from Poland



Hello ! My name is Gosia. I’m 16 years old. I come from Poland. I live in Zawiercie. I like  my school. My favourite subjects are: polish, german, biology and psyhical education. I hate Maths. I like animals. I have got a cat. My favorite type of music are: rock and hip-hop. My favorite groups are: System of a Down, Kill Hannah and Firma.




Hi ! My name is Magda and I’m 16 years old. I like green tea. My favorite film is ,,Twilight”. I love Stephanie Meyer’s books. I have got a hamster (Mrs Frodo)  and a really big dog. I like Frida Kahlo – mexican painter, so my dog name’s Frida. I have got brown eyes and hair. I like singing and writing poems. I’m funny and crazy.



Hello ! My name is Sylwia. I’m 16 years old and I go to school. I come from Zawiercie. I have got a younger brother, his name is Damian. I love listening to music (hip-hop)  and watching films. I also like reading books. I often go out with my friends and that’s  my favorite way of spending free time.


x.o.x.o 😀


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