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Number 6: The Week of Exams

Posted on: April 30, 2009

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This week there were exams in Polish schools. We wish for our friends good luck in their promotion !
All polish pupils have to take two exams in April, which check pupils’ knowledge and skills from many subjects. First day includes skills from such subjects as: polish language, history, knowledge of society, art and music. Second day includes skills from such subjects as: maths, biology, geography, chemistry, physics and astronomy.

This exam can not be repeated. If a pupil writes poorly, but he has got good marks on his school report – he’ll get promotion to next education stage. This exam is obligatory – every pupil have to pass it. Further education isn’t possible without taking this exam. Pupils get points for every task. The more points they get, the better chance they have to get to a new school.


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Bye bye ! 😀


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