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Number 4: Easter in Poland

Posted on: April 18, 2009


1. Define Catholic religion in three words.
2. How do you celebrate Easter in Poland?
3. What does Easter mean to you?




1. The resurrection of Jesus.
2. In Poland, Easter begins on Holy Thursday and ends on Easter Monday. Families are very happy.
3. Easter means for me the joy of new life and salvation.



1. Faith, hope and love.
2. Easter is the oldest Christian holiday, which commemorates rising from the death of Jesus Christ.

3. Easter for me means that our Savior loves me so much, that He gives his life away for my salvation.


Wielkanoc w Polsce/Easter in Poland

Easter is the oldest Christian holyday, witch commemorates rising from the death of Jesus Christ. Before Easter we have Ash Wednesday in Poland, which is the first day of the Lent. The Lent lasts for 40 days. Then we have Palm Sunday and The Great Week with the three most important days: Great Thursday, Great Friday and Great Saturday. Great Thursday is a day of Last Jesus Christ’s Supper and twelve Apostles. Great Friday is a day of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. On this day we have no Holy Mass, but only the Way of the Cross. It’s the day of the biggest grief after Christ’s death. On Great Saturday we adore the Blessed Sacrament, which is on the Master’s Grave and we consecrate food for the festive table. On this day we have no Holy Mass too. After that we have Resurrection’s Sunday. It is the first day of Easter, when we celebrate the return to life of our Savior.
The last day of Easter is Easter Monday, when boys and girls pour water over themselves. When a girl is wet this day, it means that she has success in contacts with boys.


Written by Katarzyna

Easter’s joy in Poland 

left clik on ,,View All Images” and then left clik on Slide Show View

Chrystus zmartwychwstal! Cristos a inviat! Christ is risen!


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